E36: 5 Ways to Go Deeper with Your Marketing with Kronda Adair

Episode Summary

Marketing it’s just about creating more and more content. You also need to have a strategy, and in this final episode of season 3, I’m sharing with you five ways to go deeper with your marketing to help you achieve better results.

Ultimately, I don't want you to get stuck just thinking, “Oh, I've just got to be on this hamster wheel, and I've just got to churn out content forever and ever.” No, I want you to get more results from what you're already doing that’s working.

In this episode, I take you beyond content creation and take you deeper into a successful marketing strategy. You’ll hear my thoughts on developing a nurture sequence, why understanding your customer journey is a vital piece of your marketing, when and where to leverage testimonials, and much more. I also share a bonus strategy at the very end you won’t want to miss.

Cliff Notes

  • Update your nurture sequence, the series of emails that go out to new subscribers on your email list that tells them about you and your business. Over time as you become better and more knowledgeable, your business and offers may change. It's a good idea to go back every six months or every year and update that information.
  • If you decide to do your whole nurture sequence over, then resend it to your email list. Maybe they've been disengaged, or your offers changed. It's a great excuse just to reconnect and re-engage people on your list.
  • Segment your audience. Segmenting breaks your audience into different buckets based on things that matter to you or them. Maybe it matters what stage of business someone is in or how much revenue they generate. There are all kinds of things and information that you can learn about your audience that makes a difference in how you speak to them. 
  • After you segment your audience, increase the relevance of the content you're putting in front of them. To do this takes some thought and planning. It takes stepping back from just being mired in your business’s day-to-day to actually think about those things, plan those things, and then create a project to make sure those things get executed.
  • A great place to put super relevant content is after somebody takes a survey or in your nurture sequence.

  • Go upstream and think about all the different phases of the journey you're taking people on and make content for each stage that people are in. 
  • Promote, promote, promote. We get so focused on creating more content that we forget we probably have a lot of great content already out there. You could spend twice as much time promoting it and see better results. 

  • For example, I will head over to my Pot O Gold and get the relevant content and drop it as an answer to a comment or a question in Facebook or on Instagram or, whatever the platform. 
  • Doing that will increase the number of people who see your content, the number of people who need that specific piece of content, and then if it's helpful to them, they're probably going to share it. 
  • Get testimonials. You probably know in the back of your mind how important testimonials are for increasing your conversions, getting more sales, and getting more of the types of clients that you want to get. But, even people who know that tend to not focus on and spend enough time getting them.
  • If you don't have testimonials, then going to get some is your first order of business, and if you have some, where are they?
  • Then think about where can you put them that they will do the most good? Anywhere that there are decision points where people decide whether to go deeper with you, that is a great place to put a testimonial. For extra credit, put a testimonial that addresses a specific objection that people who are viewing that content are likely to have.


  • Update your nurture sequence.
  • Segment your audience.
  • Think about all the different phases of the journey your ideal client will go through.
  • Promote!
  • Get testimonials.

Bonus! How to get in front of people who are likely to need your services

  • Get a buddy! If you're trying to get in front of more people, partner up with somebody who has a compatible audience with you or who has a bigger audience than you and can put you in front of people who are likely to need your services. 
  • If you have been listening to these podcasts and getting great tips, but you have not been implementing them, then know that Content Bootcamp exists just to help you implement these things in the correct order and at the right time if you haven't yet come to check that out.
  • We now have an actual page to go to if you are a woman of color with a service business and would like to be a guest on the podcast. Go on over to karveldigital.com/guest, and you can apply to be a guest on the podcast. And tell us about your business, how you are having success with content marketing in your business, and we'll generally hype you up and share some knowledge with people. 


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