Online Marketing Mastery

You've heard the horror stories, or maybe you have one yourself. 

  • The person who paid $25k for a website that doesn't work.
  • The coach who wasted thousands on Facebook ads
  • The business owner who outsourced their social media but never saw any growth.

The truth is, it's dangerous to outsource something when you don't understand anything about it. It puts you at the mercy of whatever professional you hire and you just have to hope they A) know what they're doing and B) can actually get you results. 

Online marketing is a mystery to many business owners so I made this course to introduce you to the basics. 

Inside you'll learn: 

  • Why WordPress is the only platform 99.9% of business owners should consider if you're serious about scaling your online marketing – and why it doesn't have to be as hard as you think even if you've had a terrible experience before now. 
  • How to stop storing your sensitive passwords on sticky notes on your desk–and what to do instead
  • How and where to set up the domain for your website – and the mistake almost everyone makes that could make your life miserable if your site ever goes down
  • Why you need to ditch that '' address and how to go pro with your business email.
  • Where to host your website to minimize issues and make sure you're supported if something ever goes wrong. 
  • How to make WordPress WAY more awesome than Wix or Squarespace and get the drag and still have drop editing experience you crave. 
  • What your website is really for and how to make it start working to grow your business. 
  • The not-so-secret marketing tool that yields 4400% ROI on average when done well. 

Watch the first lesson for free and buy the whole course if you like what you see. 

See you inside!

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Why WordPress?

In this lesson, I share why WordPress is the best platform for your small business website.

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