Content 2 Clients Workshop

Are you popular, but not paid?

Always getting compliments on your content instead of credit card numbers?

Not sure what the missing link is or how to create content that makes your people smack the buy button? 

Join me for a LIVE 3-Day workshop where I'll show you how to create content that sells with short lessons, powerful but simple action steps, and live support via the Service CEOs Facebook group.

The Pot o Gold Content Marketing database that we use to organize all our content is included with your purchase. 

6 Modules

Understanding the Pot 'o' Gold Database

The Pot o Gold has been updated for 2021 based on your feedback! Now easier to use and with built-in strategy-building fail-safes.

10-Minute Guide to Profitable Content

You wear a lot of hats to keep your business running and you have limited time to create content for your website. To make the most of that precious time, you need a system to help you create *quality* content quickly and efficiently.

C2C Workshop Recordings June 2021

These sessions were recorded from the live workshop in June 2021. You'll learn the foundation for great content marketing, how to 'see' your marketing outside of your tools, and the critical things you need to know and do to get great results. 

Take Action

Want the step by step examples of everything you need to do to get up and running with the Pot o Gold? It's in here! 

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