Working Websites Blueprint Course

Working Websites Blueprint Course

46% of small businesses have no website at all and let's face it, most of the rest are pretty bad. 

If you are committed to sustainable, effective digital marketing and want to set things up the right way, the first time OR upgrade your Wix or Squarespace site, this course is for you. 

Teaching people this has been my mission for the last 7 years. Most developers will come out of their basement, hand over the site with a warning not to touch anything, and then leave you high and dry. 

I want to EMPOWER you to have a technology stack that helps you reach your goals and that you can use easily and effectively to build your marketing system. 

The tech is only as important as YOUR goals. In this course, we not only talk tech and tools, but I give you the strategy and foundations to use your website to get more clients!

This is a self-study course with view-only access to the Working Websites private community on Facebook. 

I’m in! I did WW when it was new for my business (and it’s excellent now). I’ll do a lap for hubby’s new biz. Yay! If you’re in doubt, I’ll vouch for this program. Super practical tips. I personally have no talent or interest in design, copy, not development, and I can edit my own site. I did buy a couple recommended tools to make me look pro (and fast) tho.

9 Modules

Why WordPress?

In this module, I share why WordPress is the best platform for your small business website and how you can set up a beautiful WordPress starter site in under an hour with simple point-and-click instructions.

Pre-flight Check

We'll set the stage for the rest of the course by explaining the Working Websites Manifesto and assessing the current state of your digital marketing.


Before you think about content, design, or technology, let's get clear on your mission, your audience, and your goals.


In this module, you’ll learn how to think about marketing so that you continue to get results. You’ll also learn to build good marketing strategies into your key website pages and how to create good marketing habits that continually grow your business while still having time to serve your customers.

Website Care and Maintenance

In this module, you'll learn how to keep your website investment running smoothly and securely.

Modules for this product 9
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