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WordPress Themes & Page Builders

Which theme should you choose! 

This might possibly be the most overwhelming question in the entire website process. There are literally thousands of WordPress themes to choose from. Most people end up searching the free theme repository on, or browsing a popular marketplace like Themeforest, until their eyes glaze over and they don't remember why they even needed a website in the first place!

Good news ! I'm going to narrow your choices down to THREE. 

But first, let me tell you why I can assure you that these three choices will cover just about any sort of website you may want to create. 

You see, instead of choosing a theme that someone else made up, that's full of fake information that might not even pertain to your business, we're going to narrow our choices to a few different frameworks. How your site looks and feels should be driven by what you need to say and how you need to say it–not the other way around. 

Lightweight theme frameworks have all the basic sections you need but don't force decisions on you that might not match your business. That combined with a good page builder, will give you the flexibility and freedom to create the perfect site for you, in a drag and drop interface that is manageable even if you don't think of yourself as a techie type. 

Astra Theme $0

You're going to love this first choice because the price can't be beat: It's free!

I generally caution against using a free theme for your business site. You get what you pay for and trying to customize a free theme usually ends in tears. The free Astra theme is a lightweight version of the Pro theme, made by a solid WordPress development company that has a full suite of well-supported products. 

Astra theme is: 

  • Lightweight (not filled with code you don't need)
  • Fast
  • Easy to customize without coding
  • Made to work with page builder plugins
  • Can be used with the Astra sites plugin to import a starter template if a blank page is too much to deal with.

You can't go wrong with this theme. And best of all, when you're ready for a redesign in a year or two, you can change all the options and get a totally different look and feel. 

Beaver Builder $99 / year

Beaver Builder started at as a page builder plugin for WordPress but now also offers a theme and a theme builder, which allows you to use the page builder to create custom templates and apply it to multiple pages on your site. (If that sentence didn't make any sense to you, it just means you can now 'be your own developer' but using the drag and drop interface of the page builder. Think paint by numbers for coding fancy layouts. 

Imagine creating a custom layout for your blog posts or even a certain type of blog post. Or a custom layout for a product page that applies to each new product you make. You can do all this in the drag-n-drop page builder and have a ton of control over the design of your site.

Thrive Themes $67 / year

Thrive makes themes in the more traditional sense, in that you get a definite design look and feel that you can customize. This is great if you just want to pick something close to what you need and start adding content. 

The most important thing about Thrive Themes is that their mission is making conversion-focused themes and plugins for WordPress.

A Thrive Theme has marketing best practices built in and their templates will teach you how to create more effective sales and landing pages. It’s great if you’re just getting started and want to avoid the decision paralysis of trying to create something completely custom. Thrive will let you focus your efforts on creating valuable content for your audience. is built using the Rise Thrive Theme.

The Thrive Themes blog and Thrive University both offer a free master class in how to market your business online. 

All Thrive Themes include the newly rebuilt and updated Thrive Architect page builder to make editing your content fast and easy. (You only need Beaver Builder OR Thrive Architect, not both). 

Worried your site will look like everyone else's? That's where your content comes in. Now that the theme question is nearly settled, you can focus on creating content that speaks directly to YOUR ideal customer, which is what will truly make your site stand out. 

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The Service Business Owner’s Guide to Profitable Software

Each of the tools I recommend here are things I have used for years on both my own and my client's sites to build online marketing machines that run reliably and quickly so you can spend your time growing your business instead of dealing with tech hurdles. 

Have fun and reach out if you have any questions! You can reach me at



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