12 Uncomfortable Truths About What's Keeping You From Success

In this episode, I explain why I retired UTT as a free series and recap the lessons from previous episodes. You can download the PDF summary of the first 12 lessons from the files section and read the transcript of this video below. 



Hey friends, it's Uncomfortable Truth Thursday. A little late today for my usual time, but I'm here. And so I was trying to think what should we talk about this week? And I was going through and looking at the stats from this series that started out really as a rant and just continued because every week I have a conversation or several conversations with business owners who are kind of shooting themselves in the foot and just really struggling when they don't necessarily have to. 

And so I bring you these to kind of give you the tough love that you need if you want to actually succeed in business because it's challenging. And honestly, this week's uncomfortable truth is that I'm tired. 

So I was looking at the stats and started this on in June, early June on the sixth and has been growing in, you know, people showing up live when I'm on time.

People commenting, people sharing, thank you so much to all of you who have shared this on your profiles and in your groups and, and told people about it. 

That's amazing and I'm really grateful. 

But what I noticed in the stats is that on August 8th, I did a, an episode about how white supremacy shows up in business. And I did that, not because I wanted to do it, I did it because, you know, people were clowning in my comments and I needed to address it. And that's kinda like my yearly thing. 

And what I noticed is that that episode has over twice as many, sometimes four times as many views and shares as any other episode. 

And it's pretty common that it's much easier for marginalized folks to get attention for speaking about the ways in which we are marginalized and the ways in which we struggle.

And yet I've been giving all this great business advice that doesn't get as much attention. 

And so I thought today we can recap and I'll just kind of go through and remind you of all the episodes that have come before this. And if you want to go back and do those, you can go back and view them. 

But this will be the last public episode of uncomfortable. Truth Thursday and it's going to live on in my Facebook group that I'm going to be starting shortly which I mentioned a few episodes ago, but I still haven't done, so I'm gonna get on that this week. 

And and then if you would like to subscribe and get access to all the episodes neatly in one place, I will have a way for you to do that. So if that's something that interests you, go ahead and comment on the stream whether you're live or watching the replay.

Let me see if I can see the comments on my fancy new app. Let's see. I don't want to show it on screen. This is what happens when you use new technology. So, all right, recap. 

Let's see where we've been and where are we going? So I think the first episode was just like a rant and it was why serious service providers don't want to work with you. And I think I did this because I talked about, you know, folks who are starting out, which, you know, no disrespect or shade to folks that are new, but often y'all don't have your shit together. So that episode was for you. If you're new and you're starting out and you want to work with people who can really help you level up quickly you kind of have to get your own stuff together.

The second episode on June 12th was how to it's OK to make buckets of money. And this especially went out to, you know, I, I talked to a lot of marginalized folks and a lot of women who have a lot of money issues and a lot of shame or guilt or whatever have you around just making money and you know, capitalism is what it is. 

It's not great, but it's the system that we're in and we all have to pay our bills. So if you have issues around making money, that's a great episode. 

Episode number three was entrepreneurial theater. And this is something I see where people talk a lot about doing things. They talk a lot, about things they want to do. They don't necessarily take a lot of action or they don't necessarily take the simple but more challenging and uncomfortable actions. (See what I did there). 

Actions that are going to actually move them forward. 

All right. Next episode–. Oh, this actually wasn't on a Thursday, but it was a really good video. And I think it's important. So I did a video about stop letting your feelings run your business cause a lot of people kind of let their emotions drive their productivity. 

It's like, oh, I'm feeling great, let me go do all the things and then I'm not feeling that great. You know, and everything goes in the tank. So if you really want to level up in business, you have to separate your activity from your emotions. And that episode was about that. 

And then the next episode on July 4th was about your comfort is your prison. And basically I spend a lot of time making my clients uncomfortable because the things that you have to do to win in business are often out of your comfort zone.

It's like everything you want, all your goals in your achievements usually are, require you to step out of your comfort zone and do things that are challenging for you. 

Next episode was about doing too much. I think I have two episodes about this because it's so common in entrepreneurial space for people to just do all the things. And if you want to actually create momentum in your business, you have to focus at some point. So that episode was about that. 

The next episode was you need better goals. So I talk to people all the time about their goals and their goals are usually crappy. What do I mean by that? That their goals are usually like, oh, I want to make, you know, 3k a month or you know, just really, really small goals because you're afraid to really dream big. But then when I ask what they want their life to actually be like, the number that they have in mind does not support that at all.

So that's what that episode was about. 

And I encourage you to actually go ahead and get a spreadsheet or get pen and paper and dream a little and figure out what do you want your life to look like and how much will that actually cost. So great episode. 

And then of course there was the white supremacy episode, which is everyone's favorite except mine, I guess. I don't know. 

And then the next episode after that was about needy clients that probably had the second-highest amount of views. So I guess a lot of y'all are struggling with needy clients out there. And so it was how to really, the best way to deal with needy clients is to avoid getting them. And that's all about your marketing and sort of how you attract people and how you onboard people and getting your marketing to the point where you can actually pick and choose who you work with.

The next episode after that was the, you can't take everyone with you. And what I mean by that is that as you level up, people are going to, some people in your life are going to not be comfortable with that and they might be well-meaning and trying to keep it, but not everybody is when you started to level up yeah. 

After your dreams because generally that highlights the fact that they're not going after their dreams and that can result in some backlash on you. So great episode. 

And really it's about getting a squad and making sure that you do have people around you who are lifting you up cause everybody's either lifting you up or they're pulling you down and there's not really much in between. 

Next episode was about order of operations because I see a lot of folks who are focused on the entirely wrong things for the season of business that you're in.

So the order that you do things in matters a lot. 

And if you focus on the right thing and the right stage, you're going to move a lot quicker. 

And then last week's episode was about stepping into your power. And this again is a conversation that I have with a lot of women, especially who, you know, their whole business is about supporting other people, but they're not really comfortable stepping into their power. 

And so if you want to help folks step into their power, that's great, but you also need to do that. And let's all step into our power together, right? So a lot of really great stuff. 

Whatever stage in business you're in, I think there's some value for you in most of those episodes. So if you like these and you would like to keep getting access to future episodes go ahead and comment on this video whether you're watching now live or you're watching the replay and I'll go ahead and let you know how you can get future episodes. 

There's gonna be two ways to do that. One is you can join my Facebook group, which will exist here in the next day or two. And the second is you'll be able to subscribe and get the episodes. And kinda have them and be able to go back to them whenever you need a virtual kick in the butt to get done what you need to get done. 

So that is what's going on my friends. And it's been great doing these. I'm looking forward to continuing. If you have ideas or things that you would love for me to talk about I would love to hear that too. So you could put that in the comments and I am going to get back to work and I will catch you on the flip side.

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12 Uncomfortable Truths About What's Keeping You From Success

Can you handle the truth? You're about to find out. 

The lessons you'll find here are from my own personal experience and also from the many thousands of dollars I've invested in mentors who have achieved success far beyond my current level. 

There's no rocket science to having a successful business and there are common denominators among all successful business owners. I hope these lessons will help you level up your own business and I would love to know if you find them valuable and most importantly, if you decide to take action! 

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