Dopamine is Killing Your Marketing

Are you trapped on the hamster wheel of social media?

Do you check 5-minutes after posting, looking for the rush of those first likes and comments?

Are you relying on feeling motivated to do the deeper work that will actually make your marketing effective?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you need to attend this training so you can learn:

- The 180 flip that will start to give you compound interest in ROI from your marketing efforts
- The difference between good dopamine and bad dopamine and how to get more of the good stuff working in your favor
- How to get off the content hamster wheel and start creating assets that produce results for years after you create them.

Your Hosts:

Kronda Adair, Certified Automation Service Provider™

Kronda Adair is the founder of Karvel Digital, an agency that helps mission-driven service-based businesses automate their marketing to create a predictable sales pipeline.

From her humble beginnings building $500 WordPress websites, Kronda found a passion for digital marketing and marketing automation and in 2022, she became a Certified Automation Service Provider™ through the program founded by Chris Davis, the marketing mind behind the success of companies such as Lead Pages, and Active Campaign.

Grace Edison AKA "The Sales Bish"

With 20 years of experience and 11,000 sales calls under her belt, Grace knows how to sell, and how to help others use consent-based selling (i.e. not being an asshole) to grow your business ethically and with a large helping of fun.

She's the sales bish behind the big-name brands that make you whip out your credit card and thank her for it. She's set her sights on taking down the sales bros of the industry and starting a consent-based, ethical selling revolution.


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